A good CRM system will give you the opportunity to manage all your customer interactions efficiently and effectively



There are various types of CRM software packages aimed at different approaches to customer relationship management, with the most popular types being Campaign Management and Sales Force Automation.

Beloware the main types of CRM software available for your business.


Operational CRM

This approach provides support to the 'front office' side of your business, such as your sales, customer service, and marketing teams. The software records your employees' contact history with customers. The contact history allows your staff to have immediate access to important information about individual customers, such astheir previous purchases.


Sales Force Automation

"Sales Force Automation records all the stages in the sale process and, as the name suggests, helps to automate sales force activities. These activities can include tracking responses, creating reports, and scheduling sales mailings or calls.


Analytical CRM

This type of CRM analyses customer data for a variety of reasons, such as to design and implement a targeted marketing campaign or to analyse customer behaviour to make key product or service decisions.


Campaign Management

Campaign Management uses a combination of Analytical CRM and Operational CRM. It can be used to track, store and analyse the results of campaigns. It can also be used to targetspecific groups of customers to be the recipients of e-mail, phone, or mailing campaigns, or other campaigning material like special offers.


Sales Intelligence CRM

This is similar to Analytical CRM (see above), but its purpose is moreas a direct sales tool for employees. It can illustrate sales trends, sales performance, margins, etc.