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A smart eCommerce retailer once told me that if you always give a customer exactly what they paid for, they will more often than not be dissatisfied. People today want more:

Beloware the main types of CRM software available for your business.



This approach provides support to the 'front office' side of your business, such as your sales, customer service, and marketing teams. The software records your employees' contact history with customers. The contact history allows your staff to have immediate access to important information about individual customers, such astheir previous purchases.


Brand Identity

"Sales Force Automation records all the stages in the sale process and, as the name suggests, helps to automate sales force activities. These activities can include tracking responses, creating reports, and scheduling sales mailings or calls.


Attention to detail

Sometimes people put eCommerce in a totally separate category than commerce but truth be told they are one and the same. This idea can be helpful to newcomers who feel daunted by the term 'eCommerce'.


Campaign Management

Campaign Management uses a combination of Analytical CRM and Operational CRM. It can be used to track, store and analyse the results of campaigns. It can also be used to targetspecific groups of customers to be the recipients of e-mail, phone, or mailing campaigns, or other campaigning material like special offers.


In terms of quality

We want eCommerce especially when people are shopping from our store and buying our product to have a seamless and enjoyable experience. The more people feel at ease the more they shop, that is why shopping malls are planned in such a pleasant way.